Coffee Body Scrub

I heard on The Morning Show that Coffee is actually good for the skin. They said that drinking it and using it as a scrub actually helps to prevent cancer.  OMG  is right!!  So I was off to the internet to see if a coffee based facial scrub existed.  Mmmm, I can smell it now!


½ Cup of Organic coffee grounds,

2 Tablespoons of Sugar

½ lb of Foaming bath butter.

Brew the coffee and collect the coffee grounds in a bowl.  This is important, because the grounds are not coarse on your skin.  Mix it with the sugar. Now whip the bath butter properly. As you whip the butter, gradually add the mixture and continue to whip till the sugar or salt has dissolved.  Now you are ready to apply it to your body.

You have to use this scrub immediately; otherwise the coffee will be oxidized. Before you get in the shower, rub this on your body in a circular motion.  Once you have covered your body to your satisfaction, jump in the shower or bath tub and rinse.

It will leave you body with a slight tan, and your skin will smell like a Frappuccino.  Yes it’s messy, but your entire house will smell like a Coffee Beanery.

The Caffeine will improve your blood circulation and actually have almost the same effects as drinking it on your body.  Perfect as a pre-treat for a hectic day, or a stress dinner meeting.  Exactly what you need to give you that full body, good feeling winning edge.


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