The Kitty Litter Facial Scrub [ video]!

Yep, you read that correctly.  The Kitty Litter Facial Scrub!  You are not really in it for the litter but what’s in the litter.  Pure clay litter has an ingredient that is used in many high priced spas – bentonite. 

Bentonite costs a fortune if you buy it in beauty stores.  The reason being, it’s great for your skin.  It is full of nutrients  and minerals and naturally hydrates and nourishes all skin types. 

Just imagine, you can get all of that for the price of kitty litter! 

How to Prepare You Kitty Litter Facial!


  • ·         Two tablespoons of Pure clay kitty Litter.  (Make sure that’s the only ingredient in it)
  • ·         Green Tea bags (adds additional nourishing power!)
  • ·         Olive Oil
  • ·         Water

Mix all the ingredients to a consistency that is similar to your favorite skin lotion.  Apply it to your face and let it sit for ten or fifteen minutes and then wash it off.

You can exchange the Green Tea for Rose Petals, aloe vera or switch the olive oil with any essential oil you prefer. 

Now we have a little video so you can see how it should look.  She actually warms it in a microwave – not a bad idea!


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