The Kitty Litter Facial Scrub [ video]!

Yep, you read that correctly.  The Kitty Litter Facial Scrub!  You are not really in it for the litter but what’s in the litter.  Pure clay litter has an ingredient that is used in many high priced...
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Coffee love

Coffee Body Scrub

I heard on The Morning Show that Coffee is actually good for the skin. They said that drinking it and using it as a scrub actually helps to prevent cancer.  OMG  is right!!  So I was off to the internet...
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The Mashed Nana Facial Scrub

If you love Banana’s then you will love them on your face!!  The pain here is “rolled Oats”.  What the hell are rolled oats? They are oats that have been rolled into flat flakes under...
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The Importance of facial Scrubs

Facial Scrubs are important because all living things have cells that grow, and die.  A Facial scrub will remove dead skin cells from your face.  This will help you acquire a youthful, vital, natural...
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